Fine Art Asset Management provides up-to-date USPAP and IRS-compliant appraisals for private collectors, heirs, institutions, attorneys and fiduciaries. These valuations provide:

  • Documentation and accurate valuation of art and fine collectible assets
  • Current values for adequate insurance coverage
  • Correct replacement value for total loss of artwork
  • Diminution of value for damaged work
  • Equitable distribution and charitable gift valuations, and formulating and implementing tax and estate planning strategies

Collectors should have a comprehensive appraisal completed at least every 3 to 5 years to ensure adequate insurance coverage and help track new or sold items in an evolving collection. Fine Art Asset Management can assess immediate and ongoing appraisal and valuation needs.

Fine Art Asset Management offers clients guidance on industry best practices for authentication, certification and collection management. The company also provides expert testimony for litigation involving art assets.

Case Studies
Early Cycladic

“Marble Female Figure | Cycladic | Early Cycladic II.” Marble Female Figure. Accessed December 5, 2015